Lay Ministries

St. Paul’s has many available lay ministry opportunities if you feel called to participate. If you would like more information about our lay ministries, please email your request to Fr. Tim at or Fr. Steve at


Acolytes assist in the worship service with specific duties. Some bear the cross forward in procession to start our worship; they also escort the Gospel procession and the altar party out in recess at the close of service and other such occasions as funerals and weddings. Acolytes may serve as torchbearers who carry candles in procession. Additionally, acolytes assist the deacon in helping to set the altar for the Eucharist. Acolytes may be youth (nine years and older) or adults.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a special ministry to the church. Open to both women and men, Altar Guild members have special responsibilities for the care of the utensils of the altar. Cleaning linens, polishing brass, vacuuming, preparing the elements for consecration, replenishing holy water stoops, votive candles, and altar candles, and setting the hymn board are among the duties of the Altar Guild. It is a dedicated, rewarding, and invaluable ministry to the church.

Bell Choir

Making a joyful noise to the Lord is something anyone can do. Likewise being a member of the handbell choir requires only the desire to praise the Lord. Children and adults are invited to participate. See the Music Ministry Page for more information.


If you enjoy singing the tremendous Anglican heritage of choral music that the Church offers, we invite you to join either our adult or youth choirs. Choral music richly enhances the worship experience by touching our souls in ways that mere words cannot. One who sings once prays twice. See the Music Ministry Page for more information.

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers provide a significant ministry to the church. They help distribute the Consecrated wine at the Eucharist. Because of the special nature of this ministry, Eucharistic Ministers are licensed by the Diocese of West Missouri. As such, special training is required.

Eucharistic Visitors

Eucharistic Visitors provide the invaluable ministry of taking communion to those in our worshiping community who, for reasons of health or otherwise, are unable to commune with those worshiping in Saint Paul’s regular services. “We, who are many, are one body, for we all share one bread, one cup.” Eucharistic Visitors help to facilitate this by taking bread and wine that is Consecrated in our regular Sunday services and distributing them to the homebound. This is a tremendously rewarding ministry that reaps many blessings. It requires licensing by the Diocese of West Missouri and special training.

Lawn Care Teams

The grounds of Saint Paul’s Church are cared for by rotating teams of volunteers from the congregation.


Lectors provide the vital ministry of bringing the Word of the Holy Scripture to the worshiping body of Christ. Lectors deliver the Old Testament lesson, lead the congregation in recitation of the Psalm and read the Epistle lesson. This also is a ministry that is licensed by the Diocese of West Missouri. It is one that requires special training.

Outreach Committee

Our faith instructs us that our lives should not be lived inwardly to ourselves. Rather, our faith and life as Christians are all about the other—those who live on the margins of life and those, who through no fault of their own, find themselves unable to meet life’s basic necessities. Through our outreach to others, we are able to help those who cannot help themselves. Through outreach, we help to fulfill our Lord’s command to care for the least among us. Prudence dictates that we cannot help all in need, but we can make a difference. Saint Paul’s Church outreach committee explores various outreach opportunities in which the entire congregation can participate.

Pastoral Care Group

The Pastoral Care Group ministers to those in our congregation who are in need of temporary assistance with meals. Members of this group coordinate efforts to assist new mothers returning home from the hospital, those recovering from surgery, or those recovering from injury or illness.

Prayer Group

Saint Paul’s Church is blessed to have a dedicated group of individuals who set aside a specific time to pray for the needs of the church and its members—in times of stress and in times of joy. The prayer group has its own calling tree by which it notifies one another of prayer requests.


Ushers provide an invaluable ministry in the service of the church. They assist worshipers in finding seating, distribute bulletins, collect the Offering of the congregation, provide the clergy with the number of those in attendance as an aid in the preparation of the communion elements.

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